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Rick and ShanaWelcome to HempWorxCBDoil.org.  Our names are Rick & Shana, and we are Independent Affiliates of HempWorx and MyDailyChoice.  We are very pleased to be able to offer you high quality, pure and potent CBD products that are improving the quality of life for us, many people we know, and their fur babies.  

If you have questions about the products or the affiliate program, call or text us at 1-858-205-3304, or fill out the form on our Contact page, and we will get an email.  If you need an update on an order you’ve placed, or have questions about your account, please call our corporate Customer Service at 888-877-5436 or email support@mydailychoice.com.  

We have pure, organic full spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate, all free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients.  We also have a CBD pain relief cream, CBD skincare, CBD oil for pets (bacon-flavored!) and CBD pet treats. Everything we have is made from pure ingredients. CLICK HERE to learn more about how HempWorx CBD products are different (it’s a 7-minute video and very informative).

We have always been interested in natural health products, partly because of personal health issues, and because we enjoy having the best quality of life possible.  We also enjoy sharing great things with our friends and acquaintances that we think may help them.

How We Discovered HempWorx

Our friend Teri messaged me that her husband, Robert Hollis, came out of retirement to help her build a CBD business with My Daily Choice (the company that developed HempWorx).  My initial reaction was, “I don’t like marijuana, I don’t care for how it smells, or how it makes me feel.”

However, being the sharing kind of husband I am I thought I would mention Teri’s invitation to Shana.  When she heard what Teri messaged me about, she became very excited.  She respects and loves Teri and Robert.  She understands that CBD is a very cutting edge and viral health product that is helping people and their pets tremendously.  She also is very aware that CBD is now in the news because of how much it helps, that it is just becoming known and understood by both the natural health and medical communities, and feels the timing is excellent to build a CBD business.

Shana took the time to explain to me that CBD was not “marijuana” in the way I understood it.  CBD is made from the hemp/cannabis plant, but there is no funny smell to it, and more importantly, it does not have any psychoactive ingredients that will make people feel “high”.

So we studied the compensation plan, read up on the product, checked out all sorts of reviews and testimonials to see the results people were getting specifically from the HempWorx line of products, and here we are now sharing this amazing CBD product here with you!

Next Steps

Whether you are facing acute or chronic issues, you will enjoy the benefits of the pure, non-GMO, organic CBD oil we have. We hope you will try a bottle from us.

If you have any questions, connect through the form on our Contact Us page or by commenting on our blog posts.  You can also follow us on our CBD Oil Facebook page, or call or email us.

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Rick & Shana Frey
RS Health Solutions
Independent Affiliates of HempWorx and MyDailyChoice
Changing Lives One Drop At A Time


p.s.  In addition to our CBD products for you and your pets, we also have a line of nutritional sprays through My Daily Choice, the developer of HempWorx.  These sprays have a 98% absorption rate that help with sleep, energy, performance, weight loss and your brain.  Learn more here.

p.p.s.  On a side note, an important motivation for us has always been to help people. It makes us feel good.


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